The Church Harlots


“For you were bought at a price; therefore Glorify God in your Body and in your spirit, which are Gods.1Corinthians6; 19-20.”

Christians of today have abandoned the righteousness and holiness of God through Christ Jesus, so they have established their own righteousness that suit their motives and desires making the true righteousness of God obsolete which is a big doom for this generation. It will be more torable for Sodom and Gomorrah in the Day of Judgment than today honestly this generation is more wicked and adulterous than Sodom and Gomorrah. I believe if that generation was preached the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ they would have gotten saved than this generation. God have mercy upon us, indeed shame upon us of this generation its stiff necked, obstinate, unbending attitude towards what God has instructed in his living word of truth, the Holy Scriptures in the bible.

Whenever i pass Kampala city and other nearby cities i feel grieved about the immoral dressing of women moreover who say they are Christians, most of the Christians today do not glorify God in their bodies, they do as they please denying the Lord Jesus Christ in them and this of course constrains the power of the Holy Spirit to work in them or he is being silent by the code of dressing which does not glorify God then they become empty without the Holy Spirit  I feel cries in me and i see a great judgment coming upon this generation without mercy.


Previously I wrote about the church sin and how Born Again Christians end up in Hell. So with this article I want Born Again Christians and other Ordinary Christians from religions to understand how they have become Prostitutes and Harlots in the church and ignorantly continue calling themselves Christians which is very wrong and dangerous. In fact most think that to be a Harlot you must have slept with Man for again or having sex with different men which is a dangerous assumption to make. But if we look at PROSTITUTION in the church, God has got different view concerning the above theme and below we shall see who is a Harlot in God’s sight and in heavenly insight view.


Genesis 34:31, “But they said, “Should he treat our sister like a harlot?”


We tend to term or tag a harlot or prostitute to a woman who usually has sex with different men for money. But the reality is that, being a prostitute is far more than being a street or hotel sex worker. From the light of the Word of God, in the sight of God, a woman can be a prostitute or harlot without being a regular sex worker or without having sex for money; a woman can be a confirmed Prostitute and still looks and behaves decent, and still be a serious or zealous Christian woman, she can even be a minister or a minister’s wife. It is a limited and inadequate insight and knowledge of people that see only women standing beside the road or hotel as prostitutes.


There are different types of harlots or prostitutes, and they are of different levels, but before God, all are seen as harlots. Let’s see some other types of harlots apart from the regular sex workers:


(1) HARLOT BY GARMENT Genesis 38:15, “When Judah saw her, he thought she was a harlot”


You can be registered as a harlot in heaven simply by the way you dress. You don’t need to become an active sex worker, you don’t need to commit a single sexual immorality with a man before Heaven will recognize you as a prostitute and remove your name from the Book of Life; in fact you can be a virgin but still a heavenly recognized harlot. How does that happens? It happens simply by what you wear and how you wear what you wear. If you wear low-cut dress or low necklines including ball gowns that exposes your cleavage, meaning, that shows the upper part, little trace of your breasts when you bend down, you are a harlot. You don’t need to be half naked before you become harlot by garment, but as long you wear any clothing that reveals your cleavage a little, you are a harlot.


Also if you wear tight clothes that shows the anatomy of your body to the world as to show your shape, you are a harlot; if you wear transparent or perforated clothing that shows your inner-wears, you are a harlot; if you wear any dress which does not covers your arms or your kneels, you are a harlot. This may be hard to take but a spiritual reality for holy standard of the heaven minded.


You can be a pastor, a minister, deaconess; you can speak in tongues of angels, you can sing like angels, whoever you are or claim to be does not matter, but to God, you are a decent harlot. If this is too hard for you to take, you can wait until you get to the gate of heaven, only that will be too late, and I will not advise you to wait that too late. There will be surprise on the rapture day and in heaven, when our identities are declared to us, and we may say, “Lord, I am not a harlot, and never be one”


As a Christian woman, what will be your reason before God for wearing clothing that exposes your cleavage? How will you defend your motive of wearing tight, transparent, perforated and short dress?


(2) HARLOT BY GETTING Genesis 38:21, “Then he asked the men of that place, saying, “Where is the harlot who was openly by the roadside?” And they said, “There was no harlot in this place.”


A harlot is a woman who gives sex to a man in order to get something back; so if you, as a woman, give sex to get a job, you are registered harlot in heavens, even if it is once. If you, as a woman, allow a man to sleep with you because of promotion at work, because you want to retain your job, because you want to get contract, because of your schooling, because of favor- you are a heavenly recognized prostitute. Prostitution is giving sex in exchange for something, it doesn’t matter if it is money or not, and it doesn’t matter if it is just once or forever. Example was Judah who was determined to bring a goat in return after he has gone into tamar her daughter in law. Genesis38:12-21.


Here is the is the terrifying truth: Whatever you have gotten by allowing men to sleep with you – even if those things were supposed to be your right, but as long as you allowed man to sleep before you got it through, you are a harlot – the job, certificate, etc are dividends of your harlotry, and the salary, profit, whatever you are getting as a result are wages of a harlot. The most terrific matter here is that, if you are giving tithes, offerings from the wages you got through harlotry, you are only waging serious judgment of God against your life and eternity, because God warned that no wages of harlotry should be brought into His house.


Here is the word of God in Deuteronomy 23:18, “You shall not bring the wages of a harlot or the price of a dog to the house of the Lord your God for any vowed offering, for both of these are an abomination to the Lord your God.”


Your pastor can collect your tithes and offerings, your prosperity pastors can say anybody can bring tithes, but you are only doing yourself havoc if you are in such category. To have the mercies of God, you need to repent, open up and confess, then do necessary restitution.


(3) HARLOT BY GIVING Genesis 34:31, “But they said, “Should he treat our sister like a harlot?”


If you are in marital relationship, and you commit premarital sex, in a way of giving your love or promise to the man, you are a harlot. Premarital sex in a marital relationship is only an act of harlotry. In the book of Genesis 34, a man called Shechem loved Dinah the daughter of Jacob, and he slept with her, even though he had not married her; when her brothers heard it, they were angry and said, “Should he treat our sister like a harlot?” – Only a prostitute will be sleeping with a man before marriage, that is what the brothers meant.


If a man is asking a woman for premarital sex in a relationship, he is only addressing the woman as a prostitute, taking her to be a prostitute; and if a woman is allowing a man to sleep with her in a marital relationship, she is only presenting herself to be a harlot. So the same man who has been sleeping with her can think and decide tomorrow that he doesn’t want to marry her again, and why? “She is a harlot” But you are the same man who has been sleeping with her. The man answers, “Yes, I know, but I am not her husband yet, it only proves she is a harlot.”


If you had premarital sex before you got married, and you covered it up, you need to repent NOW and realize your sin. Then you will need to confess to the necessary people: your parents, your pastors, including the pastor who joined you together. If you think it is a past matter and no need to confess to the necessary people, you are only embalming your past sin, and enlisting yourself as a harlot in hell.


Take or give, a woman who has extra-marital sex is also a harlot, even if it was once or it was in past; until she confesses to her husband, she is still a prostitute in God’s eyes. But as long as such a woman has repented and confessed to her husband, she is as clean as a virgin before God, because when we repent and confess, God is always faithful to forgive and cleanse us, and never remember again our sins as long as don’t go back.



So, what about men who have who ask or commit premarital sex or extra-marital sex, are they also harlots or what should we call them? The same thing is applicable to men, a man who commit premarital sex is a fornicator and a man who commits extra-marital sex is an adulterer. The solution to settle the matter is not a matter of saying, “I don’t do it again and I have asked to forgive me” Such a man will need to repent, confess to God and to his wife, to one another as the case may be. If you, as man, has asked a woman for premarital or extra-marital sex, after you have repented, you will need to apologize to the woman for the “evil asking”


Hebrews 13:4, “Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge.”




In Christianity today people have not known about harloting in worshiping and most of the Christianity religions, born Agains think it’s only sex harlots to be called harlots but also in worshiping there is harlotry and worshiping Idols and this God detests much as well as the Harlot who is in the sex prostitution, Christians today jump from church to church looking for miracles and that we call it Harlotry, because they don’t seek God, but they are after worldly things.  Their hearts are not on serving God or seeking Jesus Christ but their hearts are after idols and people are worshiping Idols and that’s Harlotry.


If you have something that takes much of your time as a Christian for example watching TV series and other Opera Soaps that’s worshiping the Devil and you become a Harlot in worshiping, one leg is in the devil’s way and another way in God’s way and God hates that hypocrisy.

Some are worshiping their Phones, and their Phones have become their Idols and no time for God and no time for reading the Bible, such is Harlotry

Some are worshiping their businesses and their businesses have taken much of their time and have less time for God, that’s Idol worshiping and therefore Harlotry. You cant serve two masters


Serving other gods is also another Harlotry in the church, you find people pretending to be on serving God in the church but when time of Trial comes they run to the witch Craft to uphold their families and some husbands and some their wives and some their pockets with witch craft. And some go to the witch Doctors for babies when they are not conceiving and they forget one thing that, children proceed from God, if you go to the devil and get a child from the devil, when he becomes rebellious you start blaming God for that child yet it’s you who went to the witch doctor and even the husband acquired from witch doctor will be filled with Satan spirits. You double minded why do practice harlotry and later deceive people that you have got those things from God?


Let’s look at some of the scriptures concerning Harlot worshiping;


1 The word of the LORD came to me: 2 “Son of man, there were two women, daughters of the same mother. 3 They became prostitutes in Egypt, engaging in prostitution from their youth. In that land their breasts were fondled and their virgin bosoms caressed. 4 The older was named Oholah, and her sister was Oholibah. They were mine and gave birth to sons and daughters. Oholah is Samaria, and Oholibah is Jerusalem.


5 “Oholah engaged in prostitution while she was still mine; and she lusted after her lovers, the Assyrians—warriors 6 clothed in blue, governors and commanders, all of them handsome young men, and mounted horsemen. 7 She gave herself as a prostitute to all the elite of the Assyrians and defiled herself with all the idols of everyone she lusted after. 8 She did not give up the prostitution she began in Egypt, when during her youth men slept with her, caressed her virgin bosom and poured out their lust on her.


9 “Therefore I delivered her into the hands of her lovers, the Assyrians, for whom she lusted. 10 They stripped her naked, took away her sons and daughters and killed her with the sword. She became a byword among women, and punishment was inflicted on her.


11 “Her sister Oholibah saw this, yet in her lust and prostitution she was more depraved than her sister. 12 She too lusted after the Assyrians—governors and commanders, warriors in full dress, mounted horsemen, all handsome young men. 13 I saw that she too defiled herself; both of them went the same way.


14 “But she carried her prostitution still further. She saw men portrayed on a wall, figures of Chaldeans a portrayed in red, 15 with belts around their waists and flowing turbans on their heads; all of them looked like Babylonian chariot officers, natives of Chaldea. b 16 As soon as she saw them, she lusted after them and sent messengers to them in Chaldea. 17 Then the Babylonians came to her, to the bed of love, and in their lust they defiled her. After she had been defiled by them, she turned away from them in disgust. 18 When she carried on her prostitution openly and exposed her naked body, I turned away from her in disgust, just as I had turned away from her sister. 19 Yet she became more and more promiscuous as she recalled the days of her youth, when she was a prostitute in Egypt. 20 There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses. 21 So you longed for the lewdness of your youth, when in Egypt your bosom was caressed and your young breasts fondled. c


22 “Therefore, Oholibah, this is what the Sovereign LORD says: I will stir up your lovers against you, those you turned away from in disgust, and I will bring them against you from every side —23 the Babylonians and all the Chaldeans, the men of Pekod and Shoa and Koa, and all the Assyrians with them, handsome young men, all of them governors and commanders, chariot officers and men of high rank, all mounted on horses. 24 They will come against you with weapons, d chariots and wagons and with a throng of people; they will take up positions against you on every side with large and small shields and with helmets. I will turn you over to them for punishment, and they will punish you according to their standards. 25 I will direct my jealous anger against you, and they will deal with you in fury. They will cut off your noses and your ears, and those of you who are left will fall by the sword. They will take away your sons and daughters, and those of you who are left will be consumed by fire. 26 They will also strip you of your clothes and take your fine jewelry. 27 So I will put a stop to the lewdness and prostitution you began in Egypt. You will not look on these things with longing or remember Egypt anymore.


28 “For this is what the Sovereign LORD says: I am about to deliver you into the hands of those you hate, to those you turned away from in disgust. 29 They will deal with you in hatred and take away everything you have worked for. They will leave you stark naked, and the shame of your prostitution will be exposed. Your lewdness and promiscuity 30 have brought this on you, because you lusted after the nations and defiled yourself with their idols. 31 You have gone the way of your sister; so I will put her cup into your hand.


32 “This is what the Sovereign LORD says:


“You will drink your sister’s cup, a cup large and deep; it will bring scorn and derision, for it holds so much. 33 You will be filled with drunkenness and sorrow, the cup of ruin and desolation, the cup of your sister Samaria. 34 You will drink it and drain it dry and chew on its pieces—and you will tear your breasts.


I have spoken, declares the Sovereign LORD.


35 “Therefore this is what the Sovereign LORD says: Since you have forgotten me and turned your back on me, you must bear the consequences of your lewdness and prostitution.”


36 The LORD said to me: “Son of man, will you judge Oholah and Oholibah? Then confront them with their detestable practices, 37 for they have committed adultery and blood is on their hands. They committed adultery with their idols; they even sacrificed their children, whom they bore to me, as food for them. 38 They have also done this to me: At that same time they defiled my sanctuary and desecrated my Sabbaths. 39 On the very day they sacrificed their children to their idols, they entered my sanctuary and desecrated it. That is what they did in my house.


40 “They even sent messengers for men who came from far away, and when they arrived you bathed yourself for them, applied eye makeup and put on your jewelry. 41 You sat on an elegant couch, with a table spread before it on which you had placed the incense and olive oil that belonged to me.


42 “The noise of a carefree crowd was around her; drunkards were brought from the desert along with men from the rabble, and they put bracelets on the wrists of the woman and her sister and beautiful crowns on their heads. 43 Then I said about the one worn out by adultery, ‘Now let them use her as a prostitute, for that is all she is.’ 44 And they slept with her. As men sleep with a prostitute, so they slept with those lewd women, Oholah and Oholibah. 45 But righteous judges will sentence them to the punishment of women who commit adultery and shed blood, because they are adulterous and blood is on their hands.


46 “This is what the Sovereign LORD says: Bring a mob against them and give them over to terror and plunder. 47 The mob will stone them and cut them down with their swords; they will kill their sons and daughters and burn down their houses.


48 “So I will put an end to lewdness in the land, that all women may take warning and not imitate you. 49 You will suffer the penalty for your lewdness and bear the consequences of your sins of idolatry. Then you will know that I am the Sovereign LORD.” Ezekiel23; 1-49.


For James writes,

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, you double minded. Lament and mourn and weep, let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to gloom. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, he will lift you up. James4; 8-10


This message is not meant to condemn us, but it is to correct us so that we will not be condemned with the world at the end. Let us make the necessary amendment.


1 Corinthians 11:31, 32, “For if we would judge ourselves, we would not be judged. 32 But when we are judged, we are chastened by the Lord, that we may not be condemned with the world.”


In conclusion God wants to walk in truth, Holiness, righteousness and continuous REPETANCE without ceasing.


In the scriptures we see that we are the temple of the God since His Holy Spirit dwells in us.

Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ? Shall I then take the members of Christ and make them members of a prostitute? Certainly not! 1Corinthians6; 15

Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not on your own?

For you were bought at a price; therefore Glorify God in your Body and in your spirit, which are Gods.1Corinthians6; 19-20.


Do you see what Iam telling you? This generation has been deceived ALOT!! Can you honor God when you are in those miniskirts of yours? That’s total disgrace and abomination to God!!! Can you really honor God with your tight jeans, kapati jeans and leggings?? And you call that worship of the Living God? Certainly not, such acts you are only prostuting and worshiping The Devil. For God is Holy and Righteous he cannot be worshipped that way. Look at the churches today, they put on as if it’s musical concert!! As if it’s a disco NIGHT Club!!!

Read Genesis17; 1-2 and see what God told Abraham.


This generation has been totally deceived…!!!

My heart’s desire is for you Born Again Christians to look for True salvation from The true Jesus Christ otherwise you have accepted wrong Jesus Christ. For Jesus Christ came to remove sin not to entertain evil and sin,

Seek the Living God. Repent and turn To God

Otherwise you are doomed for destruction, because the church you are worshipping from is not conforming to God’s Holiness and Righteousness neither Is it doing God’s will. But they are seriously they are doing Satan’s will.


I remain Asher Namanya the Bondservant of God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.



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