Pastors who go under ground exposed Testimony by Grace Kashemeire


(EPHISIANS5; 11-13) (MATHEW10; 26-28)





Author’s perspective.

Greetings to you all the churches of Christ Jesus, the people in the country and to all the peoples in the extremes of the earth.

Here we have a testimony of Grace Kashemeire who was underground and worshiping the devil for 7 years along aside Pr.Namutebi lmelda Kula and other Pastors of which she has them in the testimony in details but she is now saved from the powers of the devil by the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Warning to the people

A Tree and Its Fruit

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles? So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit. A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus you will recognize them by their fruits. Mathew7; 15-20.

Dear Brethren, before we begin the Testimony of Our sister Kashemeire Grace about the false prophets, we must understand that Jesus Christ prophesied about this as we have seen in the above scriptures, Jesus Christ said that they will come to you in sheep’s clothing but inside they are really dangerous wolves , and of course someone might ask that these Pastors use Jesus to heal, they preach the word of God and also they have churches, and this is where I want to sort before we proceed with Kashemeire Testimony.

Meaning/understanding of the scripture about the false prophets being in sheep’s clothing but inside are wolves.

We all know the sheep, is tender, obedient, humble and Faithful to the one tendering it. But wolves are dangerous they move without being tendered, they are merciless, they are cause sickness and others sorts and are feared.

Look at the paradigm of a sheep and a wolf, let’s look at what Jesus Christ meant being in sheep’s clothing;

We all know that God is our Shepherd and Jesus Christ is the Lamb.

• Therefore Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ is Godly and it is a sheep’s clothing

• Setting up a church is a clothing for a sheep as well

• Using the name of Jesus Christ to heal is also Godly and a sheep’s clothing and many others

When Jesus Christ was prophesying about the prophets who are false he did not forbid them from preaching, nor healing or using his name but he said you shall know them by their fruits,

Now we all know most of these fruits that happening to the churches we attend to, we find bodyguards alongside Pastors, that is a wolf clothing, we find when you want to be prayed for you have to pay money to get healed that’s is a wolf clothing not sheep’s clothing and they are so many others. Take heed and learn from the above scripture that do not look at how they preach, or how they pray or how they look like, because that deceives many. Just always observe their fruits by what they do. Because if you went to a mango tree and found an orange fruit wouldn’t you fear to pick a fruit from there? The reason is that the Mango tree should produce mangoes not oranges, therefore in the same way these False Prophets should be producing the fruits of the Holy Spirits not the fruits of the Sinful nature or the flesh.

So these false pastor are using sheep’s’ clothing to achieve their own desires and leading many to Hell, when you people hear the word they are preaching you say after all it’s the gospel of Jesus and you forget to look at the fruits or deeds they produce, of course we know that if the soil is bad it never produces the good crop, and also we know the crops will die and not come out and even when they grow crops will be withered because the soil is bad. So that is the church where there is no Holy Spirit who produces the fruits. If the church is led by the false Pastor then it will be like that soil that is bad and there all the crops will be affected and in this case all the believers who worship from that very church will be affected and cursed because the curse will proceed from the soil then to the crops, meanwhile the False Pastor will be cursed and the flock will be cursed as well. So be careful

This is what Sister Kashemeire Grace is going to talk about in her testimony.

The beginning of the Testimony

My name is Kashemeire Grace I am a Mukiga from Kabale, Iam a Born Again Christian and now I have come back to give a testimony for the second time Exposing the False pastors who deceive people that they are serving God and yet in reality they are serving the Devil / Satan, Lucifer eating human flesh and sacrificing the Kids, and drinking Human blood.

Before let’s look at these scriptures that point out what Jesus Christ said;

So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs. Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. Mathew10; 26-28. So if you are a true disciple after coming to light then you are supposed to expose the darkness without fear. You will be protected by the Truth.

In this testimony I will talk about;

1. How pastor Imelda Namutebi and he got KULA her husband now who she snatched from another woman and be witched the family and KULA

2. How the so called pastors who deceive people and their deeds one by one.

3. How pr. Namutebi Imelda stole a child from Mulago Hospital after sacrificing her baby and deceived that she gave birth.

4. How Gary skinner of Watoto church how he sodomizes the boy and gave him cows and money packed him back to the village.

5. How Pastor Robert Kayanja gave the church to the wife to keep his secret of sodomising church youth in homosexuality acts.

Firstly let me give a highlight of the first testimony so that the people who did not read or watch the videos will have a crew about what it’s going on.

I was serving the devil for 7 years and I was with Pastor Namutebi and working with other pastors in the system of underground worshiping the devil and also sacrificing people of God, in exchange for Evil powers for healing, in exchange for being Famous and also Prosperity. In this very systems we were given powers to be witch the church people so that may continue in darkness and lies in form of looking for miracles by attending our churches, we used to dedicate these church people to the devil so that they may not know the truth and continue in our churches. My work at Pr. Namutebi Church or for Namutebi was to give her powers where would be having no powers to do miracles, I was a charger for Pr. Imelda Namutebi in order to get Powers.



This is what the scriptures says on this part.

For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth) and find out what pleases the Lord. Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. But everything exposed by the light becomes visible—and everything that is illuminated becomes a light. Ephisians5; 8-13.

Here is the truth, when you come to light therefore you live as a child of light, since Jesus Christ is the light then we have to use light to shine out to others in goodness, righteousness and truth. And therefore we must have nothing to do with the darkness but rather to expose them and this will prove that we have dwelt in light and live by the light in Jesus Christ and that’s what Sister Kashemeire is doing now, for she was once in darkness but now she is in the light and therefore is fulfilling the scripture by doing righteousness, truth and live by the light by exposing the dark world where she was.

I met Imelda Namutebi Kula, at John Mulinde’s Church called Trumpet centre. Imelda had an agent called Mama Liberty who was spying on the people of other churches who have big testimonies to entice them and take them to Pastor Namutebi Imelda Kula. So one time, we had a night prayer, it was time for giving testimonies at Trumpet Centre of John Mulinde, though I used to sleep at Trumpet in the church, so when my time came to give testimony I started by saying I thank Jesus Christ for he has given me grace, because I have lost Four husbands all dying of AIDS but as for me still I have my life so I thank God for keeping my life. So after I had finished giving my testimony the Agent of Pastor Namutebi called Mama Liberty approached and thanked that I have given a big testimony so she put a golden necklace in my neck. So I asked her this gold you have put in my neck, why is it that you have put it in my neck because I don’t have money to buy it, but Mama Liberty said no don’t worry I was given this Gold by Pastor Imelda Namutebi, don’t worry this lady will help you, pray for you and get healed of AIDS and she is a billionaire and she is powerful, so I said okay, then she left. Mama Liberty went and told Namutebi Imelda but by that time she was not married, so I think the lady narrated to Pastor Imelda Namutebi, that I have got a lady with a big testimony and on the next Sunday Pastor Imelda Namutebi came to Trumpet Church of John Mulinde to preach, she came with Pastor Kimuli, and other assistants of Mulinde John. So when it was her time for preaching they announced her to come forward to preach but when she came forward she started by giving prophecies and that’s how she starts all the time she never preaches, so she started telling the church that here are some women who are barren, and other have lost so many husbands now that I have come they will be delivered, so inside my heart I felt I should touch on this lady at least at her cloak, because they had really nice things that she has too much anointing, she is powerful so I liked her after hearing all that. So Pastor came passing around the church congregation and said that in this church there is a lady who has problems, she has lost four husbands, she has AIDs she sleeps around the church, and I trembled inside of me and began asking myself how did this Pastor know about me? Then she said to me and to the church that this lady God has showed me so many things that I have to tell to her but not here in the church, she will have to come to my Church at California on Luwum street and I tell her what God has given me to tell her.

On Monday I woke up very early morning because I was the usher of the church, I had to first clean at our Church then I go to Pastor Imelda Namutebi as she had directed me. So after when I had finished cleaning I went to her church and found her there in the church she was alone sprinkling water in the church and so I did not want to find out because I was new but it was around 6a.m in the morning, so I asked her about what God had told her about me, and I told her that Iam a poor woman I have nothing to wear, I lost my husbands , and I had 9 brothers and sisters but 4 died now we are five, she told me don’t worry that is small, so she told me that now I want us to be friends , I would like to use you for a

Testimony for AIDS, you will be giving a false testimony that I prayed for you and your AIDS got healed, if people hear that people will come in the church then we shall get a lot of money and we do business then after I will give you an Estate of Houses. When I had about the estates of Houses I accepted, she told me that now we shall be good friends, what is hers will be mine and what is mine will be hers, so we made a covenant. At lunch hour she had told me that I would give that testimony, when lunch hour came she told the church that here is there is a woman who has a testimony I prayed for her and her AIDS was healed let her come forward and give us the Testimony ‘’ so the congregation started shouting in aloud and they gave so many hallelujah’s. I came to the Pulpit to give the fake testimony though I was afraid because I knew I was going to lie to the congregation, but I asked for the grace of the Lord to help me speak, so I started by saying Iam a poor woman who God has saved so much I lost my four husbands because of AIDS, I have my kids I was going back to the village because I was about to die, then I went to Pastor Namutebi Imelda when she prayed for me God healed me AIDS now Iam here alive. The congregation shouting by giving Hallelujah’s , Namutebi came forward saying you brethren you thought I had drunk Pastor Kayanja Dog’s milk and told the church now you have seen the God of Namutebi what he does so put your money at my feet, so people started bringing money forward concerning the testimony given by Kashemeire Grace which was planned but the congregation did not know then after she had collected money for herself, she said you see this poor woman she needs, your help, she has no money, not even what to wear, so you can start by giving a seed to her, so people brought money and others bought me a phone. So after that church services the testimony went and moved all over Kampala even in other countries it reached that Namutebi Prayed for someone who had AIDS. But I was on ARVS so people did not know about this, so when the Trumpet Church heard about the testimony I had given in Pastor Namutebi church about the AIDS healing they felt bad and chased me that you should go to Namutebi So I came and told Namutebi Imelda and she gave me 50,000 ugx and told me that I should get a house because we are going to serve God, so I went and got a house in Bulenga near Namutebi Imelda in 2001 at Jaja Patrick’s House rentals and paid for 3 months each at 15000 Ugx. So now Pastor Namutebi gave me a phone and a line she told me to give away the other phones the congregation had given me, that phone she gave me she was the only one who knew it, and so on Wednesday she gave me call to come and start sprinkling water starting from the church compound and to Kabaka’s around about in Mengo, but the water I was sprinkling had medicine from underground to bring customers in the church so I started my job of sprinkling water which had herbs and medicine for bringing customers, I could sprinkle that water early every morning, in the chairs of the church, in the parking yard to make sure each customer that comes in the church will never go away, and the customer she is meaning here is that flock or sheep or the people who come to attend the church service. We started working and she was well pleased with my work, she invited me to have a cup of tea together since I am doing her work well. Then I started asking myself that how come this lady is calling me for that cup of tea because I have just come to work with her, and how come really she has trusted me? So I went to meet for the cup of tea, now when we met she came with that tea, but in the tea it was like a English tea, with mixed with Blood, which was going to keep me in the covenant of Satan, so she told that now we are going to make a covenant for doing business as friends and best friends, so he cut herself on the chest, and also cut me on the chest so she got a seed of coffee then she smeared her blood on that coffee seed and took my blood on that coffee seed which made us to be one.

Then after that she told me that you should never tell anyone about this covenant if you do will die, she told me that you shall be the pillar of the church and now we are going to start serious business to bring the customers into the church though we did all this the church members started hating me that how Namutebi had chosen me and why is it that I was so close to her. But I could report them to Namutebi Imelda then she chases them out of the Church. But we continued to work as Iam waiting for My Estate of Houses Namutebi had promised at the end of 10 years. She I continued to give testimony about my AIDS healing I had got, so many people started coming to the church those who had AIDS but they were not changing the status, but Namutebi had told them to leave their drugs, so people died many and they suspected that we are deceiving even some people started coming to me to ask me why is that these people have died and me I was healed, but I told them God healed me after Namutebi Imelda. People now started leaving the church and the customers reduced in the church, so we started to go to Mama Phina the Head of witches in Uganda to get extra powers to get back the customers and we got herbs, medicine and we mixed them into a jerrycan with water for sprinkling the church in order to get customers so I did not mind about all this for me I needed only my Estates that I was promised, by the way I was not staying with kids but Namutebi Imelda told me they would come by themselves .

And indeed they came and found me in Bulange Lugala. Now things were not well so she said that we should look for God, but they God they talked about was Satan, they went to Waswa Kyagwe the witch Doctor and took another step because we needed customers, so after we proceeded to Nabinoonya Beach but time had passed and we went with other 12 pastors who also wanted powers for miracles in their churches because they had started, we drove to Nabinoonya beach where we could get those evil powers, we went at Midnight, with two clothes for changing, after doing and serving our Satan at Nabinoonya, with these other 12 Pastors. When we reached at Nabinoonya Beach we parked the car, we removed our clothes and starting walking naked without our clothes around the beach singing evil songs, so now Namutebi lied down facing up, naked then she grew 12 breasts on the left side on the body and other 6 breasts on the right to feed these twelve pastors like a female Dog, so all these 12 Pastors that you call Pastors of the Living God started feeding on Namutebi Imelda in exchange for evil powers that will give them customers at the church, the breasts could come because she already started going underground and she was giving them a starting point, after being fed they go back and change the clothes, but these Pastors could deceive the flock that they have gone to look for God yet they were just practicing occultism and to do this you have to be eating human flesh, they used to drink blood of human flesh, and they deceive people that they are fasting .but honestly these people were not fasting and we giving the burden to the flock to fast and still up to now they still do.

Author’s perspective on the scriptures;

Looking at the scriptures about the deeds of the false Prophets God gave a warning concerning the Prophets who eat the flesh of the flock and drink blood of the people, they live in deceptive lives …

Warning to the Wicked Rulers and Prophets

And I said: “Hear now, O heads of Jacob, And you rulers of the house of Israel:Is it not for you to know justice? You who hate good and love evil; Who strip the skin from My people, And the flesh from their bones; Who also eat the flesh of My people, Flay their skin from them, Break their bones, And chop them in pieces Like meat for the pot,Like flesh in the caldron.” Then they will cry to the Lord,But He will not hear them; He will even hide His face from them at that time,Because they have been evil in their deeds. Thus says the Lord concerning the prophetsWho make my people stray, Who chant “Peace” While they chew with their teeth,But who prepare war against him, Who puts nothing into their mouths: “Therefore you shall have night without vision, And you shall have darkness without divination; The sun shall go down on the prophets, And the day shall be dark for them. So the seers shall be ashamed,And the diviners abashed; Indeed they shall all cover their lips; For there is no answer from God.”Micah3; 1-7

The reason why Pastor Namutebi used to feed these Pastors was that she wanted to put them under the covenant that they may not give out secrets, and she gave them powers that when they make churches and they get customers they should be paying her a tenth because she is the founder of all that. But when these Pastors things did not go well and they came back to her why things are not moving forward, so they wanted to know exactly where gets powers and Pr. Imelda Namutebi told them she would take them to the source, and by the way the 12 Pastors who were feeding on Pr. Namutebi feeding breasts are

1. Pr.Tom Sembera

2. Pr. Ssozi Kubili, Mulago

3. Singer Judith babirye

4. Pr. Irene Manjeri of Bethel healing Centre.

5. Pr. Yiga Augustine Abizayo of Kawala

6. Pr.Sserwadda Joseph

7. Pr.Sarah Bunjo

8. Pr. John Bunjo

9. Pr. Tom Mugerwa of mutundwe

10. Pr. Kiganda of Kisenyi

11. Pr. Kayiwa

12. Pr. Mayambala

The above twelve Pastors were getting powers from Namutebi Imelda to get customers into their churches. There are Founders of the Underground Business who have been recruiting Many Pastors unto the business of underground by getting powers from the Devil for fake healing counterfeit Miracles and these Pastors have been recruiting ever since they fell from the truth since 1983 up to now , they have gone into Young pastors as well to be part of the system, they recruit and anoint them and put them in their church Branches across the country, so the whole country is full of Witchdoctors called so Pastors.

Author’s perspective using the scripture concerning building of Zion with bloodshed by the Priests, Pastors and Prophets.

Now hear this, You heads of the house of JacobAnd rulers of the house of Israel, Who abhor justiceAnd pervert all equity, who build up Zion with bloodshed And Jerusalem with iniquity:11 Her heads judge for a bribe, Her priests teach for pay,And her prophets divine for money. Yet they lean on the Lord, and say,“Is not the Lord among us? No harm can come upon us.” Therefore because of you Zion shall be plowed like a field, Jerusalem shall become heaps of ruins,And the mountain of the temple Like the bare hills of the forest.Micah3;9-12.

This is what the Lord God is saying and warning the priests, the pastors and the prophets who build the church with the bloodshed and we have seen that these people to prosper in their churches they have to first sacrifice Kids in the church, the flock in order the church to grow, these people teach for a pay, they pray for a pay and therefore the sovereign Lord saw it and he warned about it with the people who worship from places you shall be in ruins.


1. Evangelist Robert Kayanja Miracle Centre and all the Branches they go underground

2. Pr. Kayiwa

3. Pr. Alex Mitala.

4. Pr. Sserwadda Joseph of victory Church Ndeeba

5. Pr. Imelda Namutebi Kula, Liberty worship Centre Lugala

6. Kakande Samuel of Synagogue, Mulago.


It came to pass when Pastor Namutebi had got money and cars, she was lacking a husband and most of the pastors that she was sleeping with to supply them powers wanted to stick on her to be their wife but her Agenda was different since she was supposed to sleep with each one pastor once. And also the church members were sticking on her that they may marry her so she was under pressure.

So being under pressure to get a husband she went back to Lucifer the devil underground and she was asked to sacrifice a virgin boy in order to get a good husband and she agreed that she would do that so Lucifer and the team underground gave her the witchcraft specifically for the husband that she would admire. After being given the witch craft she came back and she had to sacrifice a boy who was in the parking and I was there, the boy was knocked down by her car called Blue Bird, and that marked the seal of sacrifice and this meant her witch craft would work, so she started pretending crying that she had killed the boy and that boy belonged to a woman who was fellowshipping from the church of Liberty Worship centre Lugala. Now when the woman got to know Namutebi called her and gave 1 million to help in burying the boy who now was the deceased. So Namutebi got the team to go there at the burial to help that woman and the woman was a widow to help in burial arrangement but as for Namutebi doesn’t go for burial for the people she sacrifices. Namutebi told that widow woman who lost the boy that she would help her when the burial is finished but up to now the woman has never been helped after the burial she was bewitched by Namutebi and now the old woman is just a beggar in town and she doesn’t know what is going on. That’s how Imelda Namutebi normally does when people try to disturb her she makes those people mad or sacrifices them.


Kula was working with Centenary Bank at that time and was a loans officer, so he had a lot of problems with the loan that he was giving out to clients, it happened that the customers were not paying and his job was at risk, and he was selling everything to compensate the bank , so he was about to sell his land at home, but the mother of Kula said that instead of selling the land lets first go to the woman of God called Imelda Namutebi I had she does miracles she can pray for you and all things will be okay, so before they came the mother of Kula came and approached Namutebi that his son had a problem and she her to pray for him and maybe he will be fine otherwise he has no peace. They made appointment and she they can come, so they came with the wife of Kula, Kula himself, and the mother. At this time Namutebi welcomed them and I was since I was the charger for Namutebi Imelda so I was arranging everything for her. When they sat down Namutebi was taken by Kula, I mean she adored Kula and her heart fully appreciated him and this the first move since she was looking for the husband, so Namutebi sent me to make a coffee for them but in this coffee I put witchcraft to make them foolish and believe everything we would say and I added blood in the coffee and gave them they drank, that would change their minds and the way they would perceive.

After Pastor Imelda Namutebi admired Kula and yet he was married to another wife, she told Kula that don’t worry things would be fine that Lord would solve the problems but in this case she would mean the devil she we were serving Satan but these people would not know that were serving Satan. These people were prayed for a bit and they left their contacts that if God communicates they would communicate to them and give them the prophecy, that day was gone and they left.

When they went away Pastor Namutebi had to report the matter underground that she has found a husband but he belonged to someone and is married but I love him and I want him alone. The team underground gave Namutebi witch craft to work on Kula, the mother of Kula and the wife to Kula and silence them so that she would do as she pleases.

When she came back from underground after sometime, she called Kula who still working at Centenary that she had got his message from the Lord, he should come and they talk about it.

So I kashemeire Grace had to go and plan at Namutebi home in Muyenga at rest corner we prepared the human meat, the brains of kids as cheese and also we prepared Tea for him, but in the Tea we put some blood mixed with urine for Namutebi Imelda’s she urinated in the bath Tab, we mixed the bath tab water where Namutebi Imelda had urinated, so we boiled the water quickly for the Tea, all this was given by Satan underground that if she does like that the Husband would be very foolish and would be under her legs, and he would follow her instructions and would hers alone forever.

So Namutebi called Kula who was at office and told him that Kashemeire Grace would come and pick at centenary bank then she will bring you at Muyenga at my Home that’s where I will give you your message from God. I went and I picked him from there and we came to the rest corner at Imelda Namutebi home, as were entering Namutebi came to welcome but surprisingly Kula was kneeling before Namutebi but Namutebi told him that don’t kneel because you a Man this house belongs to you and instead Namutebi knelt down before him and said I am happy to see you, you are welcome. Please have a seat and we give you some Tea and chips and chicken is already prepared as well, but in this case she was meaning the human meat and the cheese which are the brains of the kids cooked.

So he agreed I went and brought the Tea and the food as we had prepared, and Namutebi was arranging the bedroom since had finished taking her bath.

Kula started taking coffee and the food, he started sweating and feeling the heat since those things had been dedicated to the devil and also the heat came from human meat he was eating, so he did not know why he was sweating, when Namutebi came back in the sitting room she found Kula sweating badly, she suggested to him that he should come and have a bath to cool his temperatures of the body and he agreed, remember he was bewitched here he had no sense of understanding, so he went to the bath Tab and where Pastor Imelda Namutebi had urinated so that the mission would be executed and indeed it was because after he was given a towel and given a bed to rest and of which the bedroom was Namutebi so they ended up sleeping together, and ended up in the covenant that’s what we wanted and since then Kula did not return to the office and even his home, they searched for him both at the Bank.

So the Kula was told by Namutebi that he should not have any other woman apart from me. And Namutebi gave me good things to take at Kula’s mother at home to give her a visit and give her the things Namutebi had given me, so I went to Kulambiro where they stayed, when I reached there Kula’s mother told me that you have come but Kula has been lost for a week and have called his phone but nothing is going through. But when I was going to Kula’s Mother home I went with witch craft to put it on the gate so that they would be silenced and eventually no other woman would come after Kula.

Time came after Namutebi, went with Kula as his driver to the church and now Kula left the Centenary Bank and started working with Namutebi Imelda as his driver. And from there Kula was introduced by Pastor Imelda Namutebi and then a wedding followed.

So that’s how Kula was taken by Pr. Imelda Namutebi, and Kula left his wife and joined Namutebi as his Husband.

In conclusion about Namutebi, this how I can describe her, they call her a Pastor but she is not a human being, she is a demon, Namutebi changes into many creatures, like Leopard, a white cat and a snake.

Namutebi Imelda Sacrificed Ofwono, the Tallest Man in Uganda those who remember him.

Namutebi also sacrificed her kid she had delivered from the Nakasero Hospital and then they went to Mulago and stole another Baby so the current Baby Namutebi is stolen Baby from Mulago and she has deceived all the people that she gave birth yet her child died as a sacrifice. The current children were stolen from Mulago Hospital after paying the Doctors, she deceived people that she was cut but it’s not true.

She has been also telling people that I died but it’s not true I am a live and Iam doing God’s work

NAMUTEBI sacrificed the Daughter of Kazoora the Army officer and her is called Joy and she used to work with Crane Bank and the lady was pregnant with baby but both of them were sacrificed by Imelda Namutebi.

Namutebi deceives people that she has a church in south Africa but she lies to them that is not true.

Namutebi sells kids to USA for homosexuality and in exchange for Money.

Since I now know about most pastors because we were in the system let me Highlight about false Pastors and what they do.

Firstly these are 12 Pastors who were sleeping with Namutebi Imelda to get powers

1. Kayanja Robert

2. Sserwadda Joseph

3. Mayambala Ntinda

4. Irene Manjeri( LESBIAN)

5. Steven Ssenfuma

6. Tom Mugerwa

7. Tom Sembera

8. Kiganda David

9. Sarah Bunjo( LESBIAN)

10. John Bunjo

11. Samuel kakande( was recharging because initially he was going underground)

12. Kayiwa

Let me start with Robert Kayanja,

Kayanja is a homosexual and has HIV AIDS and he has been paying the youth at church to sodomize them and some he doesn’t pay them that’s why they were taking him to court.

Kayanja also supplies beer to big hotels and when people started complaining about it he suppressed them. Kayanja also gave the church to the wife as the head so she would keep the secret of him being the homosexual imagine those wives of the pastors don’t sleep with them because the pastors are homosexuals in those homes things are bad but when they come to public they come as wife and the husband.

Kayanja has an Engineer called mukalazi who built a church for him and promised him a taxi but after giving him a taxi he again went and hired robbers and stole it from him, now Mukalazi left and wasn’t paid by Kayanja, kayanja has sodomized many boys who chases after sodomizing without paying most of them are there with no help.

Kayanja Robert turns into a black and he also changes into anything he wants.

Kakande ‘’ Synagogue Mulago’’


Kakande is the leader now of all false pastors who go underground to get powers from the devil for performance of counterfeit miracles. He has reached the six stage of underground almost to Satan in the seventh level of underground.

He has a well of water where he gets water for blessings but that water is sacrificed for with human blood.

He has a feast that he normally celebrates and gives to the people but this feast is prepared in order to keep people in the covenant of Satan.

•He also gives water, pens, and his pictures, hand ka-chiefs to the people to keep them as a sign for a blessing and really is this Godly? Not at all this is invention of Satan to these people to keep many in destruction. This pastor turns into anything he wants i.e. Cats, dogs, snakes and any other.

Kakande is not a human being he is a demon, Kakande gets witchcraft and circulates it all over using his agents when people jump those witch crafts then they get sick and only they will go to Kakande to get Healing so those are the counterfeit miracles he does and they call him Man of God.

Kakande has grown rice, maize and other food crops where by sacrifices for them and this brings people into his covenant of SATAN all those who consume his food production.

Sserwadda Joseph of victory church Ndeeba.

Sserwadda Joseph is a homosexual and he has many kids abroad where he goes and even Fridah his some of the Kids, she doesn’t know them, Sserwadda initiated Aloysius Bujjingo into the system and took him underground.

Sserwadda is HIV POSITIVE AND also he is A Gambler, he bets.

Demons told Sserwadda to never give her mother direct in the hands and also not to build for a nice House.

Aloysius Bujjingo of Bat Valley

He is also a homosexual and Bujjingo was born with Aids, Bujjingo has never married he has no kids and the wife that he claims is the wife it’s not true, that is just a public face to claim that is a wife, of course he says has a daughter in Makerere but that Daughter is not his, she is just helping her study, Bujjingo started earlier and way back, and was singing at Liberty worship Centre when he was a boy and later on joined Sserwadda Joseph who initiated him underground, of course as you already know Bujjingo is a Rwandese.

Bujjingo was given a task by Lucifer, or call him the devil or SATAN to spread the Aids in acts of homosexuality to youths, and to women in the worship team at Bat Valley, he does sleep with the flock or call them the worship team, church members and also other women outside who come to fellowship with the church.

Bujjingo has slept with many women of the church and also sodomized other church members whom he has infected with HIV AIDS and one of the things that have made him not to marry is He is HIV AIDS INFECTED AND HE WAS BORN WITH IT. The children that you see are not Bujjingo’s children but he is helping them, and if you want prove tell him to bring DNA results for Paternal parents, even you look at the woman is older than Bujjingo, that woman there has been involved in the underground issues and she is involved in the system of faking marriage, if there’s anybody who saw bujjingo’s wedding, please tell us.

Bujjingo was also given a task for making the church members to stick on him and to always make sure he makes church members to thirst for him and love him as you may see now all the youth girls are there and for women it’s worse, he pretends that he doesn’t ask for Money but because has a task for him to make you thirst for him, you yourself will bring it.

Bujjingo has sponsors from California who give him Aid and they have been supporting him from where he started as a singer from Nansana where he first had a church before he came to Bat valley theatre to make a church.

Bujjingo recently opened radio station as Salt Fm and Salt T.V and of course these were given by the devil to increase his public Audience and hence capturing many souls to Hell by just following him, and also he has promised to marry almost every gal in the church and hw deceives them but the devil told him no girl should know each other, so they don’t know each other, he has many girlfriends from Makerere University.

Author’s warning

And you women who have slept with Bujjingo Aloysius just know you are infected with HIV AIDS AND YOU ARE DOOMED please THINK ABOUT HOW MANY HE HAS SLEPT WITH INCLUDING MEN AND WOMEN, GIRLS AND BOYS.

Pastor Kiganda of radio Kingdom in Kisenyi

Kiganda is a homosexual and he has been given the task to spread the spirit of homosexuality and in this case, he eats human flesh, he sacrifices not only kids but also people of the church, Kiganda had a problem sometime back when his wife was sleeping with a chapatti maker Man for 12 years and he did not know about it until people told him, this was the wife is always untouched he can’t do anything because he has his role for homosexuality.

Tom Sembera, Nsambya

Tom Sembera has been in the system of Satan for a long time and he sacrificed his own Son and he hit him with his Car and all this command was given by Satan. Tom Sembera turns into a frog and he was given a task to eat people. So he eats human flesh (call it omusezi)

Mayambala, Ntinda

He sacrificed his Wife and after he was told to sleep on the killed wife so that he may control all the demons from disturbing him and those are the demons he spreads to people in the church.

Mayambala, was given 2 Million by Pastor Imelda Namutebi to distort my Testimony when we went to Radio.

Tom Mugerwa, Mutundwe.

He sacrificed his own first wife and then he married a second that apparently has. He spreads demons in the church that’s why they fellowship on Saturday so that, the flock my take those evil spirits to other churches on Sunday.

Sarah Bunjo,

Sarah Bunjo is sick of Aids and also slept with dogs in USA for exchange of Money and he sleeps with Boys of the Church and now they have been infected…

Bunjo John

Also is a homosexual and he drinks alcohol …

Gary Skinner of Watoto Church.

Gary Skinner has kids he pays for and he prepares those kids for homosexual, outside Uganda and some of them you find them in the Watoto Church with plaited hair

Gary Skinner is a homo sexual, he sodomized Marvious Linda and he destroyed his anal systems and after he gave him Money to go back to the village, they bought him cattle and other materials. Just look at Watoto Church, its full Men with dreadlocks, Men plait Hair and women are in Trousers and in Miniskirts and those signs should show you that the Pastor in that Church is a Homo sexual, How can men plait Hair on the Pulpit and Gary Skinner has sacrificed many people and he sold the church members to the Devil.

By the way someone might ask how I got to know that these Pastors are infected with HIV AIDS. The truth is I was the one whom they used to send in order to get them drugs, the likes of Kayanja, Sarah Bunjo, Sserwadda Joseph of victory church and the rest mentioned above in the testimony

My Fall out with Pr.Namutebi Imelda.

Time came when I and Namutebi Imelda had mis-understandings about money she had sent me to pick the money from a woman who she had deceived that she would heal AIDS as well basing on the testimony I was giving about My AIDS that was healed by Namutebi. So the lady did not give me the money after they had made a covenant that she would buy her fuel for 1 and half years and she had given her 7million, but later Namutebi told her to add more money like 2m so the woman refused to give me the money but when I told Namutebi that I have not been given the money, she became furious and they chased me and told that I ate the money and lied to her, so she told me would pay back and this would make me spend the whole of the money, but I did not know what she was going to do.

After some days she sent his Boys who came and caught my daughter and they beat her and broke my daughter’s legs and she went to the extent of dying and when I saw that I knew now that we have fallen out, so I called on the name of the Living God who created the heavens and the earth to help me and indeed his voice came and told me that Kashemeire Grace, this is the time for you to tell the truth World and I received the grace from the Living God almighty, since then I started taking my daughter to Mulago for treatment but I did not have any money remember I was not given any money from Namutebi since we had fallen out, my daughter got to the extent of rotting the legs and now in the Hospitals they started chasing me out because the daughter was smelling, I decided to go back to Pr.Namutebi for help, but she told me that she would lose customers if the church congregation would see the Daughter in that extent, people will say that I don’t heal so she chased me away, until I went to the owino Market where I had my friend because we were in the same state of work at the church she told me to go Maale Fred’s Church, but He told he would take me to the Radio when I told him about I had done with Namutebi, yet inwardly he wanted also to earn from the testimony I had, so things became very hard for me, with my Daughter who almost died and her state was very bad and this annoyed me very much because I remembered what I had done, and I really served Satan very well and Pr. Namutebi Imelda, I was hurt very much from that moment I knew the world had gone and swallowed me

Journey To deliverance.

I thank God who put the grace for me, I met one of my friends long time who used to worship at Liberty Worship Centre of Namutebi Imelda but now she was okay, she told me she would take me to some Man of God who used to pray for her, she was okay because of that Pastor’s prayers, so since I was fed up and no hope I said lets go to the Pastor, when I reached the place of the pastor I saw the old man outside and my friend started narrating the story of mine to the old man but I told her why are you wasting my time, is this a Pastor? because I thought the Pastor was in the house and it’s because I was not knowing the power of the Living God which was in the Old man, so I was full of pride and even thought because of the evil spirits that I had would kill this Old man, that’s what I thought. But when time came for me to be prayed for I lifted my hands up and the old man started praying in tongues that I did not understand what this man was praying and as soon as he started praying I had the thorns piercing me the whole body and the skin that I had got from underground was being removed and nothing happened to the Old man, so I left with my friend, in fact when I left the place of Pastor I was found favor with God almighty because I went home and after some days I got someone from Nsambya Hospital when I had taken her there for treatment, I found a certain Sister who said they are going to look after my daughter and as for me I can look after myself and the Sister who was a catholic took my Daughter to school, and they dressed her legs and they looked after her.

Kashemeire Grace’s Deliverance at Rubaga Road Church;

After seeing that favor I had got, I knew it was the prayers of that Old man though I did not know his names, until I came back with my friend and he again prayed for me and indeed I started seeing grace in the eyes of the Lord Jesus Christ as I was getting deliverance ever since I have been at Rubaga Road church because I was freed from that captivity where I was by Jesus Christ, Now Iam doing God’s work and even preaching the word of the God, even praying for others who come in the same state that I was in. Salvation is not something you can play with, since I had worked For Satan along with Pr. Namutebi Imelda of Liberty worship, I know all the ways and traps of Satan and how he plans all that to put the church which upright down, I have stuck at Rubaga road and the deliverance that I am still getting through the Holy spirit of God, I thank Jesus Christ and heavenly Father for Pastor Israel of Rubaga Road Church because he is not like other churches who have gone astray and sold the souls of the church, Pastor Israel is very humble to the flock, in fact, you have all the freedom to do anything and ask anything and here the flock see in the spirit unlike others churches in Uganda because their pastors are the only Pastors who preach, who pray, who prophesy , who dream only and have all the Say. But at Rubaga Road all the flock see in the spirit because the church has accepted the work of the Holy spirit and he manifests himself, so everyone talks to God because there is freedom of the Holy spirit and in fact the church services are led by the Holy spirit of God for The living God to glorify himself through his spirit that is in the church.

Another thing I see at Rubaga Road Church is that the Pastors are very attentive to people’s problems and they are humble and give respect to the flock.

But in other churches the pastors have thrown the works of the Holy Spirit and use devil powers to control the church or congregation, and through they have dedicated the church congregation to the devil for sacrifice.

Now what I can tell the world is that Hell is real and underground is real and Satan is real and they should pray to God to give them grace and get them a right a church because 99.9999% of the pastors in the world are using devil powers and they go underground and deceive people with Miracles, and now people are dying and some have lost their relatives through sacrifice of human life and in seeking blood to give to the devil for exchange of Powers, Money, Miracles, Most of the Uganda pastors go underground even they have trained the young who are coming so the place is becoming more evil, so people before you move to any church fast, pray and seek Jesus Christ’s grace to show you his right church so that your soul will be saved, because eternal life is not for many but for a few and only a few find the right path. Otherwise people are not in the right Path but they think they are in the right path and most are in destruction, not only In Uganda but even other worlds , because that’s where this planning of under waters started and now it has reached all the parts of the earth. Ephesian5; 15 says walk likewise people not like fools because the days are evil. And look for where the Holy-spirit of God is and don’t go to church because of the friends or corporate Buildings but test the spirits whether they are of Christ’s Read.1John4; 1-.2.

I have more testimonies about the underground kingdom so I will be giving more details if God almighty puts the grace and the holy-spirit of God enables me once again. I have videos as well that will be attached to this Testimony

I thank Heavenly father God of the Living, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the Holy-spirit.

May the grace Of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth be with you my brothers and sisters forever Amen. God Bless you.

Author’s perspective and conclusion;

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ now we have seen the testimony from our brethren Kashemeire Grace about how they did work of Satan, sometimes when people are told the truth, they take long to understand to believe the truth, they only want to hear according to their expectation but not what God tells them, most people have trusted and believed in their Pastors more than their Creator and Our Lord Jesus Christ who died for them to save them from the sin what we had, in the testimony


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