Testimony by Eunice Ahol


EXPOZING THE ILLUMINATI’S FRUITLESS DEEDS AND THEIR WICKEDNESSHaving nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of Darkness, but rather expose them. For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret but everything exposed by the light becomes visible. Ephesians5; 10-13

SHOCKING!!! I saw Doctor Bbossa of Ebonies and Sheebah Karungi and Cindy Sanyu in the Illuminats as members Plus members of the Parliament and this is what I was given as tasks to do.

The Illuminati instructed me to do these Tasks in order to achieve my goals

  1. I was told to denounce God 10 times and I did it
  2. I was also told to get myself pregnant then after I abort for my first sacrifice of which I did
  3. I was told to sleep with my fellow women and the number of women given was 12 women to sleep with. Full testimony continue reading inside the story


Author’s perspective

Dear Parents and Head teachers, do you really have time to know your children at Home and in school where they study from? Because this testimony will surprise most of you that you have given much freedom to your children and in this wicked generation, children are given freedom to go to concerts with different friends, you have given children today to host their different in your Homes and these children’s friends reach an extent of reaching in their bed rooms when they are visitors at your home.


Question; while you allow your children to have friends or visiting their friends, have you really investigated about your children’s friends? Do you even know where there abouts? Do you know where they come from; I mean their parents, their families? Because this is a lesson to learn as both Christians and non-Christians about the lives of your Children both in school and in your homes, otherwise you will find that you have groomed devil agents in your homes when you don’t know and these could be your real children you have raised and as well as their friends they bring in your home and you have handifully permitted them. In this testimony of our sister Ahol Eunice who has been saved from the hands of the illuminati by the Lord Jesus Christ.  We shall look at how it started so that you take may warning and start being a good parent, good mother, good father and good teacher because where we are things is getting out of hand. Its better you start now investigating about your children’s behavior and start checking them, otherwise you will be shocked. But as Parents the Bible warns us about raising children, so if you fail as parents you will be answerable to God for raising up rebels.


“He who spares the Rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to discipline him. Proverbs13; 24.”


Here the bible warns us as parents we should raise good children by disciplining them and this shows that we love them but if we spare the rod then we hate our children eventually they will become what we can’t imagine and eventually devil worshipers so we would have failed as parents if our children are raised up as ungodly children and it shows how unserious parents we are, but God almighty expects us to raise godly children.  In this generation parents have contributed a lot to failure of their children by giving them unnecessary freedom to enjoy the world and even the church where they are attend are not telling the truth on how to handle children and even the schools where our children attend are in a mess and are only may be they are minding about school fees and have left out the characters of these students and then after when things are messed parents will start blaming God for their failures instead of bringing up their children well and disciplined. So as a Parent have something to learn from this testimony.





My name is Eunice Ahol, 15 years,  I am a Ugandan by Citizen an Acholi, an orphan and I am student in s.3 and I go to Muyenga High School. It all started when I joined Facebook in 2012, when I joined Facebook I started making different friends that I did not know and I could tell them about myself of what I had passed through and since we had problems I could tell different people on Facebook about my situations, some people promised me they could help me and some could give me a piece of advice.  But things continued to worsen at home with my family sisters and started having problems, I have four sisters and of which I am the last Born in the family.

I used to hear about the Illuminati Group and I was willing to join them because of the problems we were going through at home with my sisters. So when I reached S1 I went to Winston secondary school I met a friend at that school who was called Luga and he was in senior three(3), after we had become friends with this boy I told him about me joining the Illuminats Group but at first he discouraged me and did not want me to join, he told me it was not a good Group to join, so afterwards he told me he had a friend who was in the brotherhood called Jaka Jaka and he was a music producer and his name was Called Josh. So he gave me his contact names to find him on facebook and when we got Holidays I went on facebook to search him up.  When I got his names I texted him and we he replied but at first he thought I was also among the brotherhood so he started using their language I did not understand, then I told him that I can’t understand your language and then he realised and apologized about the Issue, He asked me afterwards, how can I help you?


Then I explained to him how I lack the school fees and how things are messed up at home and he asked me that do you want to join our brotherhood? I replied to him that I was willing with all my heart.  He said that’s okay then he told me that he is Called Josh and I live around Entebbe, to my surprise I did not the man I was chatting with because the facebook account did not have a picture.  But after a long chat with him he asked when are you willing to join because we are having our initiation ceremony at Serena Hotel by Friday, and I told him I would come by the time he told me.  He said we shall be meeting at 7pm on Friday he said that will be the day you will be initiated but he gave me conditions and told me to come with some items and these included

  • 9 candles
  • A white handkerchief
  • A piercing needle
  • A goat’s skin.

But he told me you would not find me,  I will send you my friend who is also in the brotherhood and he will pick you up, and his name is Jackie Luna, when you reach at Serena Hotel ask for Jackie Luna he will come and bring you to where we sit and there you will find me.  When Friday reached I went to Serena Hotel and I asked for Jackie Luna and indeed he came and picked me but I had not taken any of the items they had asked me to come with. When Jackie Luna came we walked towards the temple in Serena where they were gathered unfortunately when I had reached entrance of the temple my sister called me and warning that Auntie had come back, so I told Jackie Luna, I will come back some other time because my Auntie is very tough I can’t stay here let me go, I left the place and I did not join them that day.  When I came on facebook the next day Josh asked me why I had not come to be initiated on that day because most of the other people had been initiated into Group( the Jaka-Jaka Brotherhood).  I narrated to him what had happened and he said it’s okay, fortunately he gave me his number that day and we started texting each other on direct messages and he told me he has a lot of Houses in Muyenga and he travels a lot and he also told me that he was music producer, remember I did not know this man (Guy). He started sending money after sometime


But from then things started changing in my life and I started having night mares and in this I could see myself sleeping with fellow women, and I started hearing Voices commanding me and I was messed up, Voices started telling me to start smoking weed (opium), still voices were telling me to get a razorblade to cut myself and they were commanding voices, then I started my cutting myself then after the voice would tell me that you can do it you are a strong woman. I started experiencing hard sitting on my chest and I could not stand. But I went to the pastor of the school about my situation unfortunately he did not understand my experience.  but my situation worsened and continued, still voices became more and more intense, I again had many night mares  and every time I put down my head I could see my spirit out of my body and I could see very many Men having sex with me but I could not understand this.  After some time My Auntie told me that I could not go back to school since I have no money, and also this contributed to my break down, so I went and told Josh but he was going to Kenya and he sent 100000shs to me before he left and told me I would be fine. But then the Voices were on me and instructing me to do things and get boldness and they were commanding me to smoke weed (opium), to drink alcohol.  So my life started messing up with friends and remember I had been put Home and when I saw that I left home and started moving with friends whom we could go and smoke weed(opium) and drink with them, to me I was not enjoying but my friends found it adventurous. Time reached and I hated my life and I thought no one cared about me but then Josh the producer had told me that I have  family of brotherhood and therefore, they are more than my family and this could comfort me .


One time I had a dream and in this dream I met a woman who was half human, UP she was a Skeleton and down the legs were big and many people were looking at us, but she said you see those people looking at us, they want to be like us but they don’t know what we go through, so I was scared because this woman was scary, she told me to take look at her intently and the she told me I would be like her but she took me to a dark place and told me she would take me through to help me. Then I woke up and I did not mind about the dream but I minded more about the woman who was half woman and this perplexed me for some time and I was forced to ask Josh about it and he just told me don’t mind it’s just a dream.


But things started getting out hand and this is what happened next my spirit was taken out at night I saw one of brothers chasing me, then I entered into a building but at the entrance I found a man and he told me that don’t worry you are welcome, follow me and I followed him, we entered the building and we went underground of that building surprisingly this place was arranged well and it had a big table and I saw very many people and here I saw on the corner Serunkuma( known as Doctor Bbossa of the Ebonies, I saw Sheebah Karungi, I saw Cindy Sanyu the Musician, I saw most DJs in town and Actors and I saw very many members of the parliament and for them I know them by their faces but names I did not them. So on that table where we sat I was told that you are very welcome and  feel at home, they said in this place there is no one who can come here who is not meant to be here.  After some time after introducing me, they brought the blood of human beings and started drinking and it was served to all who had attended.


After drinking the blood as tea, they told me to stand up, then I stood up then the man who was seated next to me  brought a cup full of blood and poured it on my head and he said I have baptized you with a new name; they also brought a red dress which had these words written on it.

  • SPIRIT OF LUST and after I had seen it they told me to wear it and of which I did it, then told they asked me what I want to be and I told them I wanted to be a Fashion designer and they asked me who was my role model and I told them Hellen Lukoma she is my favorite because she is a musician, a fashion designer, a model and a fashion collector they told me that all you have mentioned you will be and now you are a family and with the new name baptized you will able to use it when you want help from any of the members . but they told me that I have to do three tasks in order to be like them and achieve what all I wanted in my life would come and here are the tasks I was given to do


  • To denounce God ten times and of which I did
  • To sleep with 12 fellow women (start lesbianism.
  • To get myself pregnant and after 3 months I abort the baby to make my first sacrifice.


And after telling me all these I sat down again and they served meat which was human flesh to my understanding because it was not usual meat we normally eat, then on the table mat where they had put the meat I saw a sign of one big eye in the triangle and that was a sign of the Illuminati Group.


When I came back to my body in the morning nearby our home we had a church called Shalom Revival Church international under Pastor Gerald in namwongo, I said let me go to this church so that I may get help and get prayed for maybe I would come out of this dilemma because I was not understanding anything but I was so scared. Then I went I found him outside the church and it was evening time around 6pm, I started narrating to him because I had trusted him since I thought he was a man of God and he would help, I had not told anybody about my life.


But when I started narrating my story to him he started looking at me with Loving eyes and he told me to enter the church with him holding my shoulder and no one was around except we only, when we reached inside he got his arms and placed them on my shoulders and said he was going to pray for me but I felt uncomfortable  somehow I thought they pray like that because I had never been in church since child hood, so then he told me to sit on the chair and he sat facing me and also as held my breasts, he starting touching my private parts and said he was also going to pray for them so that they may not get attack in the future and this made me so much uncomfortable  but did not tell him so he touched and prayed holding as he had said, so after that he told that he would also inform other brethren and I would come to his place and pray for me when they are many. But after me getting out of his hand I did not go back there until now and I started losing trust with people and the churches and from there I knew he was a false pastor. And my problem was not solved by him as I expected.  Still after some time what surprised me I started seeing pictures, they would come and disappear, I could see the dark shadows, and even some times I would see people come to me and disappear, the voice started pressurizing me to do all the tasks and finish them,


Author’s perspective

Dear Christians have you really ever taken time to assess your so called Pastors with God to know their spiritual stand, or you jûst go to church and you call it a day, by the experience our Sister had with some Pastor named Gerald Of Shalom Revival, really praying for private parts and touching breasts? Thís is a total disgrace and the bible says,


“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.

You will know them by their fruits. Do men pick grapes from thornbushes? Or fig trees from thistles? Even so every ğood tree bears good fruit but a bad tree bears bad fruit. Mathew7;15-17.”

As you can see  the above Pastor is a bad tree bearing bad fruit no wonder he was only after praying for breasts and praying for private parts, but take warning that you may learn from Scriptures, please go on your knees and Separate yourself and pray to Ğod eanerstly for answers about your Pastors and Ğod is faithful he will show you, if you don’t take time and ask Ğod you shall be the ones to blame. Remember the time is near. Take heed and look for the True God and Jesus Christ because so many AntiChrists are in the world hence you might find yourself in Hell yet you dedicated your whole life to Ğod but to wolves who were jûst Devil agents to reach you well in thier place of torment. You have time now to escape thís

( growing in discernment)



My second task was sleeping with fellow women( practicing lesbianism) and I went to facebook to a group of lesbians and most of them were students in the university and joined them so they started flirting me and I eventually got one student in Makerere University and she called me to come into her Hostel, so I went there and met with her, she told me she loved me so much and in the hostel no one was there, so she started carelessing me and kissing me,  she was acting like man and I was the Girlfriend and this girl had gadgets to use, so we had sex with her but using gadgets and fingers

From then I went back home and when I reached home I started regretting what I had done, but a voice came and told me that don’t worry you are not the only one, we have many like you.  That was my first girl I slept with.  But again I was sent back to facebook to the Group of Lesbians where I got another lesbian in the Group who was also student in NdeJJe University and she called me at her Mother’s place and I went to their home, she had her own room, when I reached home she introduced to her Mother as friend but I was the Girlfriend (Lesbian girlfriend) and their Home was in Nansana. After we went to her bedroom and I had sex with her again, like I did with first girl and still the voice could tell me don’t worry you can do it and you will catch up.


So I stopped firstly on three women and I jumped to the third task, of getting myself pregnant and make my first sacrifice since all was planned I met this man who was a Doctor  and he took me to his place we slept together I got pregnant, the pregnancy was supposed to take 3 months and then after I abort it, and this came to pass, still I went to facebook and I had another friend who was a doctor and I told him about my pregnancy and told him about that my intention for abortion and he told me that it was okay he had several Clinics and they can help me abort the pregnancy for Free and they help teen girls for free.   But then I looked for a way I could go for this abortion so I pretended to be sick at Home and My Auntie gave some money for medical checkup which was 20000 shs, I used the advantage to go and meet this Doctor in town  at Jesco where he has one of the branches of his Clinics, he has many; kabalagala, Ntinda, Natete and at Jesco Plaza, so he took into his Car and took me to his clinic in Natete where checked me up and gave me tablets to use and I took them and he asked me to stay and sleep so that it would take effect but I refused and decided to go back home , but it was a little bit late and when I reached home I was asked  why I have come back late since it was just check up but I lied to them that they had given me a drip and I had to wait for it to finish.


Remember the pregnancy was just coming to 3 three months and the drugs did not  work and I had to go back for other drugs and after some time it worked I started seeing blood and went to the toilet and too much blood came out of me , I felt so much pain ,then I saw my baby’s hands because they came first, then suddenly a Voice came and told me to get a phone and picture what happened and of which I did it, in this experience  two basins of blood came out of me i was bleeding for 1 month and my feet got swollen . And it was really too much and I felt pain, but as I was still regretting the Voice told me that you have to finish all the other Girls because you did not finish them, they were twelve and you only slept with three.


I felt so hurt and angry about what they told because these people were not even appreciating what I had done and this annoyed me  and I decided not to do them,   after some time back to school but when I was at school 3 shadows appeared to me and they told me that I have to finish all the girls and I still refused and kept on, one time a Voice came in a commanding way that I should finish the having sex with my girls and I told him that I will not but the Voice told me that if you don’t you will face problem, you will see what happens next. And by the way at school were 10 girls who were devil and Illuminat agents and all of us were lesbians , we also used to practice it within ourselves since everyone had her own girlfriend.


The next day I was in class, they called for checkups for pregnancies at school and of course I was so sure that I was not pregnant because I had aborted, so we went they checked us and we went back to our dormitories and when I had reached they called me back and then nurse said that I was pregnant but I told no I am not pregnant, she said may be I made a mistake and then they instead chased another girl who was in a Primary School.   But because of confusion they gave me a suspension for two weeks, they called my Sister Sonia and they picked me up, but when I reached Home, again the Voice came started threatening me to finish up the tasks of sleeping with other remaining Gir-ls. And I started getting disturbed and looked for help and no one could help , I started passin infront of the churches but I feared to enter them because I thought all the Churches were the same because of my first experience with the Pastor Gerald at Shalom Revival Namwongo .


Author’s perspective,


Dear Parents and Youth I think you have seen how all, it started from Facebook and having desire for the worldly desires and becoming famous, Youth why can’t you wait and seek Ğod in your young ages? Parents why can’t you teach children how to live godlyn lives? Instead you are promoting all this into your families,  parents you are all to blame because you have given freedom which is un necessary to the children you have bought them smart phones, tablets and sumsang galaxys of thís modern age why can’t a child get himself or herself into worldly desires and with friends that they meet in school whom you don’t know their characters have increased their zeal for the materials of thís world and most of these are devil agents you don’t know them, parents it’s high time, wake up and start your duty because it will be asked you on that day how you contributed to the destruction of your child whom God gave you to up bring in his Ğlory. I am very disappointed at parents of thís generation because they have done more harm than ğood only have contributed to the destruction of the youth in so called DOT COM WORLD. Remember the bible warns us here about the things of the world.


” Do not love thís world or the thíngs in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the father is not in him. For all that is in the world- the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life-is not from the Father but of thís world. And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever. Little children, as it is the last hour; and you have heard that the AntiChrist is coming, Even now many AntiChrists have come by which we know it is the last hour. 1John2:15-18.


Parents learn from the Scriptures teach your children how to be godly and live a righteous life, otherwise you will only harbour devil agents, harlots and other thíngs we can’t imagine when you have contributed to it, take time and study your children characters and study the schools where you are placing your children. So take heed or have you forgotten?

“That friendship with the world is enmity with God? Who ever wants to be a Friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God. James4;4”




With my all burden I decided to go back on facebook to post my story and what is happening in my life and in this case I went to Ambition Mission page and posted my story but- I used another name not- mine, so I guy sent me a friend request and told had sent me a message concerning my situation so I confirmed him and we became friends, he asked me about the girl who had a problem and was used by the illuminats, I told him it was me, so he said I will direct you to one Man called Asher Namanya he knows about this and he is a Man of God and he can help you, but at first I resisted and I told him about my experience with the pastor at Shalom but he told me no he is my friend on facebook but he seems a man of God give him a try. And indeed I sent him a message and narrated my story in the messenger and waited for his response but I asked him in the message to be honest with me and tell me if he was  really a Man of God, and he replied me after a day and told me that he was serving  the living God and he asked for my number and I gave him my  number and we talked and here he prayed for me and told me we can meet and take me to their Church where I can prayed for. I accepted went the next day at Rubaga Road ( where the church office is for prayers) I Met the Pastors, Pastor Hope and Pastor Israel and other people who had come to be prayed for.  I was prayed for and when I went back home I did not hear any Voices commanding me again.  Since then the spirit of lesbianism also went and Iam in deliverance process but now I am okay, because I have been coming to the church for prayers and I became a Born Again Christian and Now Iam saved from the Power of Darkness by the Lord Jesus Christ.


During my prayers within those weeks I had a dream and in this dream I was praying with my Auntie and we were casting out demons but suddenly a Voice came and said there are so many schools which has devil Agents of the Illuminats will you manage to save them and I have listed the schools in the Video testimony which you can find on YouTube and they are so many. You can also check on website; http://www.truth-truth.com


That’s part of my Testimony and Glory be To God forever and ever Amen.


Author’s perspective,


I thank Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour who was able to save our Sister Eunice Ğlory be to him in the highest, you can see how Jesus Christ snatched her out of the illuminatis hands and of which that was the devil holding her a captive and a prisoner, but she is now free from the bondage and now happy in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour. And that’s why the bible says,


“He delivered us from the kingdom of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of his Love, in whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins. Colossians1;13-14.”


Therefore you too can be delivered and be saved, there are so many who are in this kind of state who need redemption but are looking for away out and have failed to come out, but I can assure you, we serve the Living God and the Living Christ Jesus, so you too can be saved,  there are also Born Again Christians who could be passing through same situations because of different cult churches you have attended to and you have found yourself changing in behavior,  now you have a way out, it’s time for you and the time is now, you too can be saved, Jesus Christ is always standing at the door open to receive you and you shall have everlasting life.


May Ğod enable you and give you more grace to overcome every work and wile of the devil in the mighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord and only saviour of life.




And when they heard of the resurrection of the dead, some mocked, while others said “we will hear you again on this matter” so Paul departed from among them. However, some men joined and believed, among them Dionysius the Areopagite, a woman named Damaris, and others with them. Acts17; 32-34.


There are some people who will listen and believe the message and then be saved like in the times of Paul, People who cloved unto Paul’s message were few but they were saved and were added to the number but also there will be also those who will say but for sure I will need to hear again from another person so that I may believe but there are many others who will mock and abuse the message and therefore they will remain in darkness. So the bible shows me from that scripture Not all will believe but except the few God has prepared and has given grace to believe. Many people have not yet believed there is illuminati Group and many say those are illusions and myths. But let me assure you until you have become a victim that’s when you will know they are real, so we are not passing on myths but the real truth, those who read please take it serious and save children’s lives, and better still share it with your neighbor and lets save our nation and our children and the next generation.


End of Testimony






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